Monday, 12 September 2011

This is 2011 isn't it?

I read with amazement this story from the BBC.

Amazing.  This is 2011 and people are still treated like this in this country.  I feel ashamed it is going on - now I moan about the cost of shopping as much as anyone but somewhere along the line someone thinks that having slaves (let us not beat about the bush here) is the way to reduce cost and increase profit.  I blogged about a BBC play on the topic of child trafficking but to then find that this is happening with adults as well does frankly leave me speechless.  People wonder at what is happening to our society - well this is, this is like Dickensian England not the 21st Century.

There is an interesting point - it states in the report that the victims were " "recruited" from soup kitchens and benefits offices and included people with problems such as alcoholism."  Indeed recruit from the bottom from those vulnerable and falling out of society, for whom no-one appears to care or will notice that they have gone.

I hope that if this goes to trial and the people who did this are found guilty that a very strong message is sent out - i.e.  I mean for these people to get very long custodial sentences.


  1. I know. I just read Disposable People about human trafficking in six countries, but the book emphasizes it goes on EVERYWHERE. What are we coming to as humans?

  2. thank you for bringing up this awful thing...I can't believe that people would do this to the correct that I don't want to believe such a thing but that's the saddest bit about this situation that it is happening and if one place probably others. Great post!