Thursday, 1 September 2011

not much to say...

Back in work and counting the days now until I leave and start the new job.

Have been to a couple of really good meetings this week - the sharing was just what I needed and focused me back onto my sobriety - I'd not noticed I'd been letting it slip but then that is what this decease does to you it creeps up on you nudging your apathy, complacency etc. along until you suddenly are back in the throws of it without realising.  That is why I go to meetings regularly, a word, a phrase, a story from someone else jolts me back to realising that I was beginning to say this, do that, think the other... and all potentially bad if left unchecked.

So grateful to be still a recovering alcoholic today.

September - soon the rest of the family will be returning to normal routine, Mrs F and Daughter-of-Furtheron will soon be back at school, I'll drop my son back to Wales for the new year and then it'll be my birthday! :-)

Anyway into the last straight of the year and this one has pretty much been a good one - started with getting a job, dipped with the not liking being away from home, rose with the return to a pattern that meant I could be at home, has dipped a bit as I'm back working where I did for 20 years and watching the site be closed around us with many friends shaking my hand for may be the last time pretty much on a daily basis but then has risen again with the kids doing so well in their respective exams (D-of-F got a set of A*,bunch of As and a B in her early GCSEs, and S-of-F was top of his year again) and then new job offer which is a job I am really excited about starting.  

Life is good to me at the moment, very good.  I will try to sit in that for a while and not demand to grasp it too tightly in case I burst it too early or try to second guess when the inevitable downturn in fortunes will come either.  Try to live in the now for a while... why do I find that so flipping hard at times?


  1. Keep going-keep working ...eyez ona prize !!


  2. Went to a couple of AA meetings with a friend years ago, and for the life of me, I couldn't see how the program could possibly do anything for anybody.

    Glad it seems to work for you though.

    Do they give out award chips for positive outlooks ?

  3. You are a star. Keep going. And thank you x P

  4. I think we as people in general either get stuck in the past or we in a hurry to rush to some imaginary perfect time in the future. Not being able to rest and find content in right now. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is live in the present, that one day at time.

  5. Oh I know. You sort of think, it can't stay this good. But why not? We've had our share of hard times so let's enjoy the good until the next hiccup. Which we'll cope with.

    Do you know, as I'm writing this I'm thinking, 'I shouldn't say this just in case ...' It's almost as if I'm afraid I'll bring bad stuff onto myself. And I call myself a Christian!