Tuesday, 27 September 2011

2 days into the new job...

... and I have more questions than answers unsurprisingly.  Bizarrely I'm also attending a public launch event of an application that has gone "public" that I'm now the "service owner" of which I didn't know what it's acronym stood for 48 hours ago.  Best I keep schtum in front of the media and others and just get introduced to all the right people.

One of the funniest things so far is that everytime I venture out of the office onto the street I seem to get asked where something is by one of the newly enrolled students but I'm as lost on the campus as they are... if not more so if my experience yesterday is any guide.  My boss walked with me from point A to point B, I was asking a load of questions of him so didn't take as much notice as I should have anyway... I leave point B with another colleague and head to point C.  Now from point C I needed to get back to point A... simple I thought I knew the direction etc and I exit the door and turned left... totally wrong I needed to go right and then in a few moments I notice the back of the British Museum and realise I was going in totally the wrong direction!!  Hey ho.

Oh yes then I leave the office my desk is located in - I'm temporarily squatting with another team until an accommodation re-jigg in a few weeks time and a couple ask me if someone is in.  I said I didn't know.  Only today did I notice the plaque outside, it used to be someone famous's house some years back.

So far then... all good and situation normal for me i.e. not quite in touch with the reality all around me :-)


  1. I feel like that when I come out of The hyper M and S. up here and can't remember which car park area I was in as they all look the same!