Friday, 9 September 2011

Everybody has it better than me...

that is the stupid thought in my head at the moment.  I seem to keep bumping into people who are "giving up the rat race" starting new business turning their hobbies into their jobs, going on fantastic holidays etc. etc.

It is interesting to note that also this week I've spoken with someone going through a breakup of a relationship, starting a new job, having some major health issues, having problems with elderly parents, having to move in 3 weeks to a new job miles away and uproot their family....

So I hear both but only focus on the one... bad news.

Had a very disturbing dream last night.  So much I've emailed the guy who I smacked around the head in the dream to apologise.  He'll think I'm mad no doubt but I had to get it out there rather than keep it in.

Right... now I've dumped that I'm off to hopefully get some better positivity.


  1. Fantastic holidays? Remember Windermere! :)

  2. You've emailed him to apologise?!!!

    Come on, furtheron, what's with these negative vibes? You've got it good, I don't need to tell you that. Upsadaisy, up you get - and then you can come and cheer me up when Wales lose tomorrow.

    No, no, they're going to win. I believe, I believe ...