Sunday, 11 September 2011


Where were you 10 years ago today?

Everyone can remember can't they?  Well I can I was in NYC itself, luckily mid-town not down-town but a day I will obviously never forget.

Being told of the first "accident" - then the second, realising instantly it was no "accident".  Watching the towers fall. The noise, the sirens, the panic.  The smell and the taste of that awful dust - the taste of death - I still can vividly recall that.

The vacant lost expressions on peoples faces.  The kind help we got from some people, our panic, being cut off apart from my family and fearing how long it may be until we were back together.

The getting out of NYC on the Friday - the wedding in CT we somehow ended up being part of.  Some great friends/colleagues being there to help and just talk to us.  The flight home - were we really getting home or not? The relief once we were airborne, then out of the USA, then half way - then at Heathrow.  The onlookers looks as we all stood in the arrivals all just hugging and crying.

The moment I fell into my wife's arms - and the kids being woken with the news that I was home...

Memories for me for life

My heart goes out to all who lost on that day and in the subsequent armed assaults it has led to that still continue.   A day the world changed.

POST SCRIPT added 12th Sept.

I check Facebook occasionally throughout the day... I only saw this morning what my wife had posted yesterday evening...

it has been a bit of a strange weekend D-of-F's boyfriend going off to army. Thinking also that 10 years ago today my life could of changed completely with the events in NYC and thanking god that my best friend and beloved husband came home to us safe and sound. My thoughts are with all those who lost their loved ones on the awful September morning x

...beloved husband... I was quiet chocked up

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  1. I was off work sick, and caught what I thought was a trailer for an up coming Hollywood action film, which turned out be the first plane hitting. The firm I work for had two floors in the WTC - hundreds of lives were lost. A truly terrible day