Friday, 30 September 2011

For Archie...

Archie who lived opposite us has died.  Ada his wife had not been well for ages and after repeated ambulance calls to help her she went into a home a couple of months back.  Archie was left on his own, going to visit her most days.  He insisted on going to get his daily paper, the shop is next door but one, but in the snow last winter.  My wife dug out his path for him one day.

Sadly in his 90s he passed on quickly after being found to have colon cancer.

One touching thing... he and Ada had just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!!  They had been a couple since they were both 13 - amazing 80 years as a couple!

How beautiful and touching...  I hope Ada doesn't miss him too much.  And we'll have some new neighbours - that is a big thing around here, we've been here nearly 20 years and still considered the "new couple" :-)

RIP Archie


  1. That's a precious gift in this life to be together 80 years.

  2. 70 years. that is a fantastic achievement. I hope Ada does cope but sadly it's often not that way.