Friday, 16 September 2011

Here we go again...

Whitesnake?   No that was Here I Go Again...

Anyhows...   Last day at work today.  "Hang on" say long term regular reader(s) "thought this had all happened before".  Indeed, last year 7th July, after 19 years and 1 week I left my old job.  After a period as a successful professional musician (i.e. unemployed) I got back into work in Feb this year for a small consultancy an old colleague is now a director of.  I've actually liked the company and the people in the most part but as again the regular reader(s) out there will know I hated the being away from home or massively stupid commutes.   The company was really nice and at the point where I was saying "this just isn't really for me" an assignment came up at my old firm which I've been on for the last 5 months.

Now the really sad bit is in Feb this year the company I used to work for decided to close the site with 1000s of jobs being lost.  In it heyday back in the early 2000s you would struggle to find a space in the car park after 9am and there were upwards of 5000 or more on the site every day.  Then in 2003 the first cuts started and I had to make decisions about people losing their jobs - horrible. Over the years since then divisions pulled out like manufacturing and they cut here and reshaped there with much work going back to the USA (it is a USA company).  Anyway this year they have hung a For Sale sign over the buildings and hundreds have already left - in the last few weeks I've shaken many hands probably for the last time.  I've watched centuries of experience walk out the door which seems madness but then that is business where did it ever say anyway that is was suppose to be fair or good for you etc.

It was obvious this assignment was going to come to an end at some point - the current point is a suitable one, in that they are now deciding on a company to take the service forward and I thought it likely another far flung assignment might be my next option so I looked for a new role.  Luckily I've landed a really fantastic job with a top London research university heading up the group that will be responsible for the support of the applications supporting research.  Just brilliant.  I've signed the contract and filled in all the on-line stuff, after a week trying to catch up on a bunch of things I could do with getting done I'll be up there.

So I wave a final farewell to this site and those people left here in my old group and the one I've been in the last 5 months and I bow out of the consultancy business with no bridges burnt, my line manager saw me on Tuesday and was insistent that if I need a job in the future they'd take be me back without any issues.

Going to be an odd day emotionally I think though.


  1. A heartfelt post and a great read. It's tough moving on to a new phase in one's career but how wonderful that you have a new position lined up. Congrats!

  2. You've come a long way, baby. I can hear those lyrics but can't place the singer ...
    Or maybe I just made them up.

  3. Fatboy Slim. Google is a wonderful thing.