Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Flu

So I stupidly made some wise crack about "man flu" and getting no sympathy on Facebook on Friday night.  I was feeling "under the weather", sore throat, aching legs etc.  You know the thing.  However this developed into the real deal - temp over 100, total delirium in the night, with the most odd dreams going on in my head, my throat feeling like some instrument of torture with 100 razor blades in it had been inserted and everytime I swallowed it was so painful.

I just couldn't do anything. Honestly I've lost three days of my life.  I'm slowly getting better, not helped by a coughing fit yesterday aggravating a muscle in my back which I've pulled a few times over the years - terrific now I can barely walk as well!

Still this morning I've actually got on line and sorted a few bills and things that needed doing so on the road to recovery.  I'll try to remember not to be so flippant again - I should remember that flu isn't a joking matter really.

So apologies for not being on anyone's blogs as I've just not been able to.


  1. When I was a young man I used to pay good money to feel total delirium in the night. Not so much fun now.

  2. Glad you're on the mend, Graham!

  3. Well - if it makes you feel any better, I've nominated you for the Most Inspiring Blogger award.


    Enjoy and feel even more better soon.


  4. Poor thing. Get very well very soon. x P

  5. Feel better soon, Furtheron!!

  6. Take care of yourself. I'm still getting over the last bits of a bug I caught a month ago. Not fun.

  7. Oh no, flu is terrible. The only good thing with it is that you can sleep and rest for days without feeling you should be doing something else :)