Sunday, 14 April 2013

Happy birthday Mrs F

Today is Mrs F's birthday, I'll not give her age away but... she'd not as old as me :-)

We had a day out at Rye in East Sussex and the weather gods shone on us as it was overcast and cloudy as we headed there.  On arrival we climbed up into the town, the main old bit being a top a big hill with a castle and big church etc. and found a little tea shop - sadly our favourite one has changed hands and was full but we found another and ordered a light lunch.  When we came out the sun was shining and we had a lovely day pottering about the junk - sorry antique shops.

For the guitar nuts the most ludicrous I found was a bolt on neck Epiphone SG with several scratch plate screws missing, replaced pickups (nothing special) and even one of those was missing a height adjustment screw.  So  a "fixer upper" you'd think.  Yes if it had been £50 - £60 but at £330 frankly purely a rip off.  In the same place a couple of years back I found a clearly totally fake Fender Strat on sale for £500 - don't go there.  It is the one by the river near the town model.  There is a proper music shop back in the town that will do you a use Vintage Les Paul for £115!!!  How people get away with it is beyond me you know.


  1. I suppose they get away with it because people probably buy it without doing research. They think things are priced at their worth, not at what the shopkeeper hopes to get the buyer to part with. It really is unfortunate those ripoffs happen.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Mrs. F! Here's to a glorious year ahead of you!

  3. Belated birthday wishes, Mrs F!