Thursday, 4 April 2013

Commenting on this blog

For a long time I've had a policy of allowing Anonymous comments.  This led to loads of Spam so I switched on comment moderation - still loads of Spam ... so I put on a word verification thing...  Spam stopped.

However I know that sometimes the word verification is stopping people commenting and I find it a real pain at times when reading/commenting on blogs on a mobile phone.

So today I switched off the word verification thing... in less than an hour 5 Spam comments!!!  

I give up the Spammers I'm afraid have beaten me.  So I've switched off Anonymous comments.  Sorry folks I don't want to do that really but what else can I do?  I want people to comment etc. so please do - you can always email me your comment asking me to post it for you - I will respect your anonymity but clearly you'll compromise it emailing me I know but I promise to simply post a comment under my name for you anonymously but you can only take me on trust on that one.


  1. I am so with you on this one. I've yet to turn off anonymous comments but I am so tempted.

    And it's not even interesting spam!


  2. I shall have a go at what you have done...but they..he ...she is in my email also . If I remember I delete before clicking on ...but who always remembers ? not me....

  3. wordpress has a pretty decent spamcatcher, so i've let them collect in a spambucket and periodically go through and check/clear them. the word verification is ok, but not on mobile. we do what we need to do out here!