Thursday, 18 April 2013

So pleased, happy and proud....

Quick post just to relay a status from my son's Facebook page...

"...Has just officially accepted a funded PhD studentship at the University of Leicester"

*Huge parent grin*

He has worked so hard for this from the moment he changed his plans in the middle of A levels and decided that he wanted to do Physics at uni.  A foundation year was needed to get him onto an undergraduate Physics degree - he was top of the year.  He then switched to an undergraduate masters in Space Science with Physics which he is only a few weeks away from completing and is expecting a first class honours - again having worked extremely hard.  So 5 years hard work the last 6 months in the high Arctic as regular readers will know and now this a great PhD opportunity - studying the magnetosphere of Saturn he tells me... good luck with that!

I'm so pleased for him - he is on course for his ambition to be Dr Son-of-Furtheron.


  1. They don't give funded PhD studentships out very easily. Very well done him, and I hope he enjoys what should be a fantastic intellectual and social journey. And of course, kudos to the Dad who raised him!

    1. Honestly there is little kudos due to me on this one all his hard work!

  2. Furtheron,
    Congratulations for raising such a scholar. Congratulations to him for his accomplishments! I wish I were in a PhD program, just not anywhere near the Arctic.

    So, my blog is just dead, in need of tlc and no money to fix it...grrr. I lost you and could not figure out how to get

  3. Fantastic news. What a focused, determined young man. And I'm especially pleased he's going to Leicester, as it's my old alma mater.

  4. Pish. You think you're not inside his head and not part and parcel of his success? You most certainly are. Don't be modest. Would any of this happened if you hadn't straightened yourself out? Best wishes and congrats to both of you.

  5. So happy for "Son of Furtherton" and his parental units! You smile big as you want!


    (Apologies - this comment got deleted by my dozy fingers on a phone!)

  6. Wonderful news! You should be proud!

  7. Congratulations! Must be an exceptional young man - with tremendous promise - to score the funded graduate school gig!

  8. Oh well done, Son-of-F! Big congratulations to you all.