Saturday, 2 March 2013

Where does it go then? Alcohol Consumption

I saw this report the other day

Actually this is work from where I work so I have extra belief in it's integrity.

Bottom line is if you add up the figures for what people in Britain say they drink you get a number.  If you compare that to the sales figures for the industry then about 40 - 60% is unaccounted for.

I just burst out laughing!  What do you suspect? I spent years lying to everyone about my alcohol consumption, alcoholics do.  I think probably 90% of all booze is consumed by about 10% of the population.  Then there is a rump who think on a "normal" week when stating their comsumption but forget the 1 or 2 days a month it is higher the occasional bingers.

For me however I had no control over my drinking it simply controlled me.  On a daily basis I rarely could accurately add up how much I had drunk by the end of the day, I'd have to give you a range generally greater than 10 pints but less than 15 - no wonder the figures are so far out.

Still a wake up call for Britain possibly, maybe my assumption is wrong if so far more people have an issue than I believe they do.


  1. They recently redid the studies in our area and found it to be much higher than thought and it had increased drastically over the last few years after the survey had been adjusted. It breaks my heart because people start so young.

  2. At my last doctors visit, a new doctor and I were discussing my sobriety. Prior to quitting, when asked, I would always say I drank one to two glasses a coupe times a week. A more accurate description would have been 1-2 bottles of wine or more...every freaking night.

    She told me that in medical school, they teach them that no matter what the patient answers to the question, "how much do you drink (or smoke)", they should double or triple the amount.

    Damn...and I thought I was so slick.


  3. Interesting statistics - and i agree, that most of us under-report it. When the doc asks me? It's the standard "no more than 2/day" but that is truly an average... 2-4 days/week i have no alcohol. at least one day per week? i make up for that... it's a good idea to keep track, though. the real amounts? likely to be quite sobering...

  4. This isn't at all shocking. What's sad is that drinking is such a huge problem. I'm hard-pressed to find a show on TV that doesn't have every other scene with people drinking, like it's the most glamorous thing in the world to do.

  5. Alcohol is a tricky problem. I've never had a problem with it, but I can imagine how difficult must be to confront yourself with such an addiction.Congrats for defeating it :).