Saturday, 30 March 2013

So 2013 continues...

Last week I was telling you all how 2013 has already thrown some bad issues our way.  Well it continues.

Thursday night my niece called to say she was in hospital.  She has suffered with ME for ages and it has been bad lately especially after a couple of bouts of the flu etc.  A couple of times she suddenly found she can't move her legs - that has again happened she has no movement below her waist. 

She has a great spirit though as I visited her yesterday and she was joking away.  The doctors actually are wondering if there is an actual spinal injury at the root cause this time (she has had a couple of accidents in the past with her back) so are getting scans etc. organised, but with Easter - everyone is on holiday so she's stuck there until at least Tuesday.

Another bump in a very bumpy year so far.

On a brighter note on the kitchen is all finished... here is a rubbish picture to prove it - I like the colour, B&Q Warm Yellow.  And proper paint - you know with all those environmental warnings on it to scare you half to death, but I tried that acrylic water based rubbish in our bedroom, it doesn't cover, it is matt not gloss and frankly was a waste of money so I'm back to the non-green gives you a headache and kills the ozone layer paint but at least it looks like I've bothered to actually paint the woodwork!  As shown by the glossy shine on the door :-)


  1. All that anguish and still joking away? Christ. Remind me to stop being such a child. Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.

  2. So sorry to hear about your niece. I hope they discover the problem and are able to fix her up.

    Love the kitchen color. We had a bathroom that color in our last house, and I wish we'd done it again when we moved to the new house.

  3. Well done her for not letting it get her down.

    Kitchen looks great--makes me feel a slight sense of shame about mine (although not enough to get off my arse and do anything about it :) )

  4. Hope they get your niece sorted out as soon as possible.

    Kitchen looks great. You really must meet Husband. He tries to buy drippy gloss when he can (which isn't often). A better finish he says ...huh!

  5. Heavy sigh - i hope your niece is back on her feet again soon. Such a tough year so far... again, hoping it improves.

    Love the colour of the kitchen! Might make a nice accent colour for mine - which has a lot of antique red in it!

  6. Here's to hoping 2013 looks up. I'm sorry to read of the string of bad news.

    Beautiful paint job on the kitchen!