Monday, 25 March 2013

If you've ever wondered what the guitar is that currently is the head photo on the blog... i.e.

It is a Gordon Smith Graduate 60 - hand made in England.

Here is a lovely little and quiet brilliant short video about the lovely people who made it.

Now - listen up... these are hand crafted really good guitars and you can seen from the "factory" they hardly match Gibson/Fender/PRS etc. for output so more un-usual.  Now Richard Guitars has a similar Graduate to mine available today for only £899!!!  BARGAIN!


If you wondered what the body was Lynda was sanding down in this clip here is the new Gryphon bass now available at the Manchester Bass Lounge...


  1. Beautiful guitar, lovely sound on the one in the clip.

    Hey, long time no talk to! I started a blog hop and I don't know if you do those things, but it's up now - a monday hop that's open all week - and you can link up whatever you want, as many as you want. There's a lot of really great people/posts over there you might enjoy. So come on over if you'd like!

  2. Actually, I have wondered what kind of guitar that is. What could it be? It ain't no Gibson. Mystery solved. That was an absolutely fascinating video. No kidding! Thanks.

    Sorry about the broken tooth. Use it as a pick. Naan is brutal stuff to bite down on, innit?

    1. I might do a little more of a "review" of it to promote Mr Smith & Co.

  3. That is also a very sexy bass!