Friday, 15 March 2013

Plectra I currently use

Inspired by another blogger talking about plectrum choice I'm going to bore you all rigid.  (However some while back a post call Let's Talk Plectrums... (yes I know the plural should be plectra) was one of the top read posts on this blog - hello you sad people! :-)

Anyway currently I use Dunlop Tortex picks – normally the just the standard ones but I did buy some of the III ones based on the shape of Dunlop's line of jazz picks and I did like them… I also have bought and use some from a UK company called Stone Deaf – they were good value if not as good quality as the Dunlop ones.

Now different horses for difference courses - or different plectra for different guitars (doesn't rhyme that so won't catch on in the same way).

On 6 string acoustic my favoured thickness is now the orange ones at 0.6mm thick – I did use 0.5mm for a while but beefed up a while back and currently seem settled with them.

On 12 string acoustic I use the yellow ones 0.73mm - I just feel the need for something a little more sturdy to get some power into the double courses, also the less give makes for a more definite pick of both strings when playing arpeggio or solo lines - well that is what I "feel" anyhow.

On electric and bass (which I use fingers or pick for depending on the sound I want) I use the green 0.88mm – rarely the blue 1.0mm – if only playing riffage but my style is normally mixed riffs, chordal strumming, etc. so prefer the slightly lighter 0.88mm ones.

I really can bore for England on this topic... if you've got this far my congratulations to you and hello fellow guitar nerd!


  1. just found a guitar teacher who understands what i need, and we've just begun a 6 month "boot camp". she uses finger picks that sort of nestle under her natural nail. no idea what they're called, but they're cool.

  2. I can see where I why I was finding upwards strumming such hard work on my electric guitar - I was using a 1.5mm monster! Now I'm using something around 0.8-0.6mm and life is grand!

  3. I really like V-picks. It took me awhile to want to use any picks thicker than .5mm because my playing was so awful and the thicker ones just made it louder-awful.

  4. I don't know about being a guitar nerd, but I standardised years ago with Dunlop Jazz III flatpicks. Same feel all the time and they last for ages. :-)

    1. Those are the ones the Tortex III are based on - same shape but Tortex material

  5. The significant difference, from my point of view, is the durability of the Jazz III: they keep their shape for far longer. Once the tip begins to wear down on the Tortex ones the angle of attack starts to change and you have to start compensating.