Monday, 25 March 2013

I broke a tooth!

Yes folks about as exciting as it gets these days in the Furtheron household.  I broke a tooth - on a naan bread!  I know.  I chomped into the last bit of naan at our curry on Friday and felt something in it - I knew what it was.  Yes a cusp off one of my back molars!  Surprisingly it has hurt little but I went today (Monday) to get it fixed as I didn't want it leading to more problems but time to face facts most of my teeth have one or more fillings in them and really this fix is possibly only temporary I think I'll need some major dental stuff soon - like a couple of crowns or more.

In other news.  Daugther-of-Furtheron had her French speaking exam today - the messages on Twitter/Facebook don't auger well sadly.  Also Son-of-Furtheron is soon to book his flight back!  Yes he is over halfway through his stint in the frozen north - frankly though given we had snow again this weekend there is little difference from here.  He'll be back in May some point. Where the hell has spring gone?  Forecast seems to show it staying cold through Easter into April.

Musically I recorded a new song whilst Mrs F and Daughter-of-Furtheron were out at a Script gig on Saturday - but you'll have to wait for the unveiling.  It is a Christmas song I wrote over the Christmas period and have honed a little in recent weeks.  I've been learning Faure's Pavane on the classical guitar and also Isabella's Wedding by Gordon Giltrap - which is interesting as it is in DADGAD - takes a while on some of the things in that to get your head used to that interval when your fingers are in that position as your brain is telling you the interval should be different (i.e. that you'd hear in standard tuning) but it is just a process of retuning the brain as well as the guitar!

Just wish I was warmer!!  Roll on Easter!

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  1. Yay on new music. Boo to dental work. Soldier on, son. Its all we can do, right?