Thursday, 1 July 2010

Surprise party

Last night we had a surprise party for my sister and brother-in-law to celebrate their 30th anniversary. My niece had done all the arranging. They had been invited to a meal with some friends ostensibly to celebrate at a small dinner just the four of them. However there was a large chunk of the family (sadly my brother couldn't make it through work commitments) and lots of their friends. Some of those I knew from old but haven't spoken to for years so that was an interesting catch up as well.

Anyway we were all in the garden and told to be quiet as they were spotted walking up the road. They were then lead through and us all cheered. They were completely bowled over. Also we'd dug out loads of old photos etc. and my nieces partner had made up a movie with them all which was terrific fun... even the photo of me with long hair at their wedding :-)

Fantastic night - all enjoyed it.


  1. That sounds wonderful, so glad it went well


    (Any chance that pic might make it to your blog?!)

  2. @Subs - absolutely no chance! :-)

  3. Come on, then, let's see the long hair!