Saturday, 24 July 2010

25 years!!!

Yes murderers get far less I know... but Mrs F and I have been married for 25 years. Unbelievable but true - well as long as we get to Tuesday :-)

To mark this amazing feat we are off on a holiday sans kids. Yes totally kid free - apart from the odd weekend and we haven't had one of those for years we've never had a holiday like this. 6 years back we went to Dublin for a couple of days for Mrs F's 40th - however that was the last dark days of drinking and one brilliant fun day was ruined by me being an arse on the subsequent day - getting my sulking drinking head on. Anyway in the past that now.

So we are off to Jersey for the best part of the week - why Jersey? Because that is where we had our honeymoon - see romance isn't totally removed from my arsenal yet :-)

The kids? Well now there is the worrying bit - they are being left to their own devices! Nan has offered Sunday lunch and a dinner in the week, one day they are off to Bluewater to see a film etc. and there is plenty of stuff in the freezer... given our son is a capable "living away from home" student I'm sure they will be fine and not starve... however what the house will look like when we return is anyones guess!


  1. Good luck. Tuesday's a Looooong way off, lol !


  2. Happy anniversary and holiday!

  3. I'm a day late but big congratulations! 25 years is a terrific achievement. Hope you've had a wonderful time in Jersey, you old romantics you! And that your house is still standing.