Monday, 19 July 2010

Back from Wales... and painting

We popped to Wales to collect the key for Son-of-Futheron's new flat. He has come up trumps. It was only marginally more a month than his old place but much much cleaner and nicer. It is smaller too only 2 sharing rather than 6 which in the old place meant the kitchen was something of a bottleneck. Anyway he was really chuffed with it and hopefully he'll be there at least two years - that is the plan anyway with any luck maybe a third. The lad he is sharing with this coming year will be in his third and final year but has talked about staying on for a masters which if that happens will be easy then for the two of them to stay on in the flat for 2011 - 2012. The next year will be his final year on his masters and he'll need to find a new roommate potentially but hopefully that'll not be an issue.

So back home and back to the routine... only I don't really have a routine at the moment what with being unemployed. So mid morning I thought - I could paint the back of the house. One of those "jobs on the list" I had drawn up as impending redundancy loomed. It's the only bit of the exterior we need to paint the windows, doors, gutters etc. all being plastic but the soffits and fascias on the extension and the door and window at the back of the garage are still good old painted wood. So I found a tin of paint - gave up trying to open it after about five mins and went off to B&Q to buy some new! Only took me a couple of hours and all done. Must repaint the shed and the kids old playhouse, which was a guinea pig house for a while and now just a store things in place, we have a family gathering soon for our 25th anniversary and hopefully with good weather our great nephew will put it to good use on that day at least.

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