Monday, 12 July 2010

New Gordon Giltrap signature guitar

Gordon Giltrap has had a few signature guitars in the past - I played one of the Flyde ones of his some years back at a guitar show and that was a stunning instrument but with a hefty hand made price tag to match. How however he has teamed up with Vintage who are imported via JHS to this country and have been getting a good reputation since Trevor Wilkinson began working as designer/consultant to them. The list of endorsees makes them appear to be punching well above their weight in the sub £1000 bracket.

Well into the acoustic arena they now have a Gordon Giltrap model - the VE2000GG. Based on a model that Rob Armstrong made for Gordon some years back, Rob has been involved in the development of this production verion. There is a 12 string version available as well as the 6 string. It has Fishman electrics fitted - namely a Sonicore pickup and a Presys Blend preamp. So any good? Well good enough for Gordon who in this YouTube video is playing it at a recent JHS event.

Thought you might be interested now... best bit. Under £500 including a case! I don't think these will stay in shops for long frankly.


  1. GG recorded a fabulous album with Martin Taylor ('A Matter Of Time') back in the day; Taylor's always been something of a hero to me, and we caught the pair live on the corresponding tour. This Pebble Mill clip gives you an idea of how they sounded together.

  2. Thanks for that JM... brilliant one

  3. I just saw a TV show about a musician and he had collected many vintage guitars through his travels on tour. He displayed them on the walls of his massive mansion in the foyer.

    It was very cool...what a great way to showcase his collection.

  4. thanks for sharing this love it!!

    saz x