Monday, 5 July 2010

Counting the hours....

So on Friday my colleagues treated me to a terrific "official" send off. I think I got off lightly in many ways given all the dirt they could have dug up on me :-) However many of the people there were still at school - actually some of them may not have started school when I joined the company in 1991 so a lot of the jokes that were about the dim and distant past probably made little sense to them. Some of my old cronies also came along, friends who've left in the last couple of years, that was very touching that they wanted to come back and wish me well.

I was very touched by the polite speech given by one of my old bosses and someone who has been quite a friend over the years I've been here and then a somewhat irreverent one by one of the comics of the department, however I was flattered the last time he did one of those it was our old big boss who'd gone on to be a VP I think or something stratospheric anyhow. He was there as one of the cronies and that was lovely as he was the man who was prepared to stand by me in the very dark days when I had to take myself off to rehab.

So although I've had the send off and the card but I'm actually still at work until Wednesday this week. I've little to do - some final question answering for the people taking over from me, a fair few handshakes and then giving back all the bits and bobs you collect... Amex card (shame that would have come in handy for the holiday :-))... etc.


  1. enjoy your last couple of day F-Ron, days to savour and remember fondly (and not too much work with any luck either!)

  2. Knowing that you are into music and thinking! I can't imagine that you will ever actually "retire".....we thought that turn 60 we would slow down, but sitting in the garden at this very moment are 30 five-year-olds and we're giving them a workshop (freebie of course) making fish and looking at the things in the field including a dead frog...which the teachers hated and the kids loved!!