Tuesday, 1 December 2009

What's occuring on the music front

Well a lot!!

Soon I'll have to put up an "Upcoming gigs" widget on this blog. :-) Yes true folks I've got another gig. This time in March and actually not just a gig... look I'm of the age when live music on the TV was a huge rarity (although actually it's probably rarer now!) and as a teenager I waited for a new series of Rock Goes to College, or Sight and Sound in concert. Ones that stand out... the last ever Lizzy TV gig, John Martyn blowing me away with just him and a guitar and that voice!, The Police, Supertramp, Queen... etc.

Anyroad the March date isn't just a gig I'll be broadcasting live... yes live... to the world... yes the WORLD on the legendary Scooter Forums Radio! Well I think the date is in March there is some confusion on that at the moment :-)

So now two live dates fixed... blimey it's nearly a tour :-)

Okay in preparation for the next Rock-Til-You-Drop acoustic gig I'm planning to do, which is btw 14th Feb at The Libertine, see I need an "upcoming gigs" widget :-) I'm working on some new material having learnt the lessons from the last time, i.e. the intricate instrumentals didn't work so well in that venue, so more vocal material needed.

I'm working on two new self penned numbers which have lyrics written and music ready. One is currently called "You make me More" it is a feel good song about those people who you meet in life that give you inspiration those people who give you energy rather than sapping it away. The other one is a little jazzy guitar riff I've had about for a while and had a vague idea for lyrics but they came together the other day that is currently called "My Baby" and is a jovial ditty about how feckless some people can be in love and relations. I'm hoping to record them both soon so that they are available for listening pleasure before the gig. Lastly on the self penned front I've an idea for a song and some half written lyrics for a song that is currently called "Within" watch this space on that one.

I'm looking to some other "covers" as well to provide a greater repertoire and offer something different for the Libertine gig. So I'm working on the following

Newton Faulkner - Dream Catch Me... Not sure the guitar is very high in this one, I might look to one of his others to cover perhaps.
Phil Campbell - Maps. Mr Campbell is an big direct and indirect influence - some while back whilst After the Garden was on in the car Mrs F said "You should do stuff like this". That was one of the several seeds people planted that has got me to this new position as an active solo acoustic performer.
David Gray - Fugitive... another big influence
Madness - Johnny the Horse. Recommended by Four Dinners and given all the unbelievable support he is giving me over at Scooter Forums radio I can hardly refuse can I?

I might also throw in Dave Mathews - The Space Between we'll see.

I got some new memory cards for the BR-600 recorder so no excuses there now and I'm going to order a couple of decent microphones once the Christmas expense nonsense is behind me.


  1. Hey, that all sounds fantastic, and you sound happy :)

  2. If you ever get to Memphis, I will be sure to make it to a show... and hey, why not!!! :)

    There's a lot of music spirit in here, even if the city has gone to shit lol

    Keep Rockin man!

  3. Way to go mate. Way to go.