Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New guitar...

Couldn't last for long... always seem to buy guitars around this time of year...

Just bought one of these (Yamaha CPX) as a more appropriate stage guitar than my LL series Yamaha, which isn't electro-acoustic for a start.


  1. Have a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year old bean.

    Love to all.

    4D x

    ps...I'm showcasing a new band on The Drunk Punk Show - Saturday 2nd Jan @ 9pm (I will, of course be playing you somewhere as well)

    They're called Th' Parish and they're friends of Jax.

    Bloody good too. Think Dexys/Pogues crossover.

    It's not confirmed yet but they may also be at The Five Bells in March as your warm up act. They are up for it (as I'm Jax's dad) but we'll see.

    You could have a warm up act!!!!

    Have a good'n mate and give my hugs to your crew.

    4D x

  2. Special sales price? What does it sound like?