Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I need some of these

Christmas is nearly here. Daughter-of-Furtheron has broken up from school for Christmas, Son-of-Furtheron is home from uni, Mrs Furtheron has finished at school and all the Christmas performances are over. In the office we've had the end of year celebrations and day by day less people are turning up as those that haven't used up all their leave are using it up... I've blown that and am here until Christmas Eve, but never mind at least then I'm off until the 4th Jan as we have a site shut down.

With all this though a phenomenon has arrived, Mum and Dad's taxi service. Mrs F was shuttling girls to and from the cinema yesterday evening and has some complicated movements through the day today.

So I think I need to get some of these and those beady seat covers for the drivers seat and plastic ones for all the others and a meter to try to get payment for all this taxi service!!! :-)


  1. And a little plastic cup holder to slot into the window lip

  2. I got what you meant about the empty chair. I would have loved to have that family life, but never did. Not sure who had the worst problem, I suspect it is me :o)
    Happy Christmas to you as well!

  3. You were in Uxbridge and didn't bell me?????? Disgraceful behaviour...;-)

    There is no point in having a car and kids if you intend anything other than to drive them around.

    That is the purpose of parenting.

    Cats are easier...;-)

  4. Merry Christmas mate. And don't forget to get on over to http://axefm.blogspot.com
    for the AXE FM Christmas special. There's a few sweary bits mind.

  5. I second what Col says: merry Xmas to ya!