Thursday, 24 December 2009

Furtheron Music Awards 2009

Best gig of the year.

Very difficult... after much deliberation Muse just edge it I think but Heaven and Hell at Sonisphere ran them a mighty close second.

Others of note - I like Snow Patrol a lot and Judas Priest at Wembley in Feb were great as well.

Best album of the year.

Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us

Saw these on the second stage at Sonisphere and I was impressed. I listened to this when released on Spotify and instantly bought it. One of the best "metal" albums from a British band in years. Rarely off my listening to list since. Brilliant.

Worthy of note... a lot although this was a quiet year for a while. Okay U2 produced a good but not great for them album, Heaven and Hell showed that the old boys of metal can still produce the goods! Newton Faulkner's second effort disappointed a bit at first but has grown on me, less flashy but good song writing. Biffy Clyro continue to grow and impress with a strong showing on Only Revolutions. Marillion's Less is More was a brilliant example of how to really do unplugged sessions with a stripped back version of some of their old songs... and not the obvious ones. Phil Campbell is a musician too few people know - Daddy's Table his latest effort is again one to check out if you like quieter acoustic rock, in that vein also David Gray's Draw the Line is probably his best all round album since White Ladder and was a definite contender for this title. Muse produced a stunning album in the guise of The Resistance but I just felt this slightly too over the top in places and too Queen derivative in a couple of points, good though it is to see progressive rock so high in the charts and in demand from concert goers.

Best single of the year.

Don't normally do this but has to be RATM - Killing in the Name by getting to Christmas no 1 slot. ACE!

Best DVD of the year.

Joe Bonamassa Live at The Albert Hall easily wins this with his sublime blues rock playing.

Closest other contender would be the Children in Need animated band :-)

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  1. two weeks ago l went to see a gig at the Royal albert hall, 400 miles each way,2 days in london, and the awful acoustic ....why do we assume that in the round as is, it will sound great, kept lenaing forward to hear!! and then a pang of vertigo a swas on the front circle was shit, unitl they played acoustically without amplification effing fantastic, but l would never ever go see clapton here, electric and amps must sound so crap...WTF!!

    acoustic, classical must be fab there...such a disappointment, better sound relistening a watching on YOUTUBE!!! lol