Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Home from home...

Well I'm in the good olde US of A this week for work. First time I've traveled on work related stuff for something like 18 months, which is so odd given I've had a USA boss for over 6 months and the rest of my team is based here, but that is how life is sometimes. I've had other less "global" jobs and traveled much more. Today is a big workshop (the pretext for traveling) with another group then I've got a couple of days in the office to try to catch up with "customers" and "partners" before flying home on Friday.

I'm staying in the same hotel I've used now for years and which the family stayed in the summer on our USA holiday. Funny it seems all so familiar now - I almost was confused as they've moved the TV in the breakfast room!

The trip out was ok but very tiring. Why do airlines get you all to bundle on the plane thinking that you daren't hold up the process or all the other passengers and crew will think you are the one that caused the delay so that come the time to push back everyone is in and ready only for the pilot to say... "It's very busy at Heathrow this time of day and we have a 1 hour delay here at the gate". Err... why not let us stay in the lounge then? I presume a) they think they'll lose some of us or b) they need to get you on the plane to free up seats in the lounge. Anyway after sat on the tarmac we taxied around for another 45 mins then took off... 1 hour 45 mins and you've gone about 300 yrds in a plane that can do 500 mph? Air travel - mind boggling!

We landed in Boston and one thing was exactly the same as in London. The weather. Rain was hammering down. One good thing on the delay meant we were through immigration quick as no other flights were there at the same time and I got my Chevy Impala hire car sorted and set off to drive to Connecticut. Of course now was the start of a very raining rush hour in Boston so the drive down was slow. Still all in one piece and not the worst one I've ever experienced which I blogged about on my old blog some years back... slipping along I95 in an ice storm... never again!


  1. And just think what's under your feet on the plane....Flammable Liquid, Radioactive, Corrosives, Infectious Substances....

    On the plus side as I no longer work at Heathrow at least I won't have passed them as 'safe to fly'...;-)

  2. Glad you arrived safe, how's your ears?

  3. Back in the US of A? Hmmm...doesn't seem fair. I haven't been to the UK in 14 years...clearly I need to go back! Nice and sunny here in California...nights are chilly in the mid to low 30's...but days are low to mid 60's and crystal clear. Makes living here almost worth the expense, crowding, and pollution....almost! haha

  4. @FD - at least I trust you :-)

    @Sub - ears are good at the moment ta.