Monday, 31 August 2009

Vertigo update

There is a possibility that this could become a Vertigo's sufferers blog frankly. But that might be, at the moment at least, somewhat negative so I'll try to deal with it as quickly as possible.

I had the huge attack whilst on holiday which was quite frankly absolutely bloody awful.

Since then I had an attack the day after we got back, I thought probably due to lack of sleep, the traveling, flight, fatigue of traveling etc. However I've not been right all week and had another bad attack Sunday evening. Luckily it wasn't as severe as the other two and didn't last as long. However the continuing of them and that I don't feel very good today isn't a good look forward thing is it.

So Mrs F, my son and I have been doing some investigations...

The medical opinion so far is that I have Migraine associated vertigo (MAV). This is the most common type and the headaches and way I feel afterwards point to that. However I had a nystagmus - weird flipping movement of one of your eyes in a test which isn't common in MAV and if it occurs normally it is vertical not horizontal like mine. Also I get Tinitus before and after the attacks (actually for the last two weeks pretty much constantly) which is like MAV. If it is MAV the initial plan is dietary, I've been this route before, you avoid the 5 C's... Chocolate, Caffeine, Cheese, Citrus Fruit (inc bananas), Chinese --- that is really avoid MSG.

However the nystagmus might point to Meniere's Disease. My Grandma had that and went deaf as a result of it and the operation they did on her ear. However 3 years ago a hearing test showed a contra result to Meniere's i.e. my hearing is worse in the unaffected side... i.e. my right.

So who knows. But I'll say this, being as incapacitated as this is really getting me p***ed off.

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  1. Sounds really horrid. Hope you get better soon and that it's not indicative of an ongoing problem.