Monday, 31 August 2009

The Holiday

With all the health issues I've not reported on the holiday... here's a quick(ish) summary.

We flew to Boston, pick up the "beast".

Yes the most American car you can get. "The beast" was the nickname it quickly got!

We drove down to Connecticut. In the week staying there we visited....

Mystic Aquarium
Mystic Seaport
Essex Steam train and riverboat
Providence RI (Shopping and nice small city place)

caught up with some work colleagues and other friends,
and visited a few other places. You have to go to the casinos near there just to believe them - we ate there and marvelled at the money senior citizens in the USA will pour into slot machines in those places. There's a twisted sense of irony as well that the locals on the whole don't seem to get... the casinos are on Indian reservations who can avoid the local gambling and tax laws. So these down trodden poorly treated native peoples suddenly are some of the wealthiest about building these fantastic casinos. It's all a bit odd frankly. 40 years ago the Pequot tribe was hanging on to it's reservation by finger tips while the local councils tried to oust them off the land to allow it to be built on. They lived on in caravans (trailers) to stop that happening. If you ever are there you must go the the tribal museum just around the corner, very interesting.

We then decamped up to Boston MA. Actually we stayed just over the Charles River in Cambridge MA just behind MIT. My Son is very keen to move there to work/study but the $90,000 yearly budget minimum has tempered that enthusiasm slightly.

We did trips out to Salem MA, Plimoth Plantation and ProvinceTown but largely stayed inside Boston going to the aquarium, museum of science, doing a Duck Tour and other stuff.

We all love Boston, it's a smallish city, it has some USA like themes in the grid of the back bay area but in the downtown and North End is more like a European city in layout and feel at times.

So a great holiday, slightly upset by us having to cut the Plimoth trip short due to my vertigo attack and now me being ill back home has meant the holiday has lost a little of it's instant lustre. Still we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it.


  1. Sounds great. Such a shame it was spoiled at the end.

  2. So glad you had a great time. sad you have been poorly tho'

    Thanks for the spoddy info at mine recently!! It made me laugh when you talked about numbers and palindromes etc. And thanks also for Small Sprogs data! Love it!!! :)

  3. I will write ore soon, I just haven't been doing much of anything lately. Hope you're over your vertigo by now. Sounds like you had a fab holiday!

  4. Hopefully once you are feeling 100% again the good times will come flooding to the forefront as the bad ones start to erase.... cool hols!


  5. Well any holiday is a good one, sorry it ended less than great!