Thursday, 27 August 2009

Sue Menhart Band - live

While we were on holiday in the USA we were lucky enough to catch up with my good friends The Sue Menhart Band with my great mate JJ on lead guitar. We saw them play a bar gig in Groton CT at Sneaker's Cafe. Sadly due to my daughter being underage and the lateness of the hour for her we had to leave early but the band were on good form and it was great to finally see them in the flesh and they seemed to be going down really well already before we left with a mix of covers and their original numbers. I have to say one impression is that there is a lot more live music opportunities in the USA than over here, many clubs and also many more town etc. sponsored events.

They recently had a TV appearance on Poughkeepsie Live that is captured below in a couple of videos.

For more stuff on them go to their web site.


  1. I follow Sue on Facebook. Lovely chick is Sue. Great band too.

  2. Hey Furtheron - It was so great to see you and your kin finally at one of the shows! Appreciate your kind words and links and reviews and all that good stuff. And hello Axe Victim - haha I know your real name.....mewahahahahaha.
    Rockin' in America,