Friday, 14 August 2009

New England

Has been very hot and humid!

We've been busy visiting a bunch of places in CT - off to Boston soon after a quick visit to RI.

We've hired a Mercury Grand something... the quintisential American car :-)


  1. should have come to texas!!

  2. Oh I am very envious of the car!
    Pics on your return please.

    Have great time :)

  3. Or Oregon...where you will fell right at home, weather-wise! On second thought, stay on the other coast, I went to Cali and now I am sick, and I really don't care to share...

  4. You should be motorcycling... but I won't say anything else ! :))

    I am running around trying to play catch up... sorry I have been bad.

    Still love reading you, please don't stop writing, or visiting. :)


  5. marquis, i expect( the merc)

  6. The quintisential American car? In other words, big, heavy, powerful, comfortable, horrible gas mileage, ill handling and an air conditioning system that could cool a ten-thousand square foot Iraqi palace? hahaha

    Glad you enjoyed the East Coast. Been hot and dry out here in California...and now our annual wildfire season has started. As per usual, all the canyon dwelling southern Californians are once again looking at having their homes reduced to cinders, and yet, they all refuse to live anywhere else. Whatever. Same every year. I guess its the price we pay for all this sunshine. No free lunch in this world, eh?