Tuesday, 25 August 2009

back from hols

I'm back from hols but far from healthy and rested... long term readers of this and the blog-that-went-before will know that I suffer from vertigo, not a fear of heights but where your balance, vision and hearing gets screwed up. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Well I had a massive attack, the worst I've ever suffered last week on hols, which lost us a day, me a night and the entire contents of my stomach several times and a huge doctors bill as Mrs F had to call out a doctor I was in such a bad state. I was a bit better later in the week and the flight home was okay which I'd been concerned about but today, first day back is awful again.

Enough of my moaning, despite my health hassles the holiday was great, very busy and we all loved Boston especially my son who I think is seriously looking at moving there now. We stayed right next to the MIT campus and he would love to go there for post grad work. We'll have to see.

More sometime when the computer screen isn't moving about so much.


  1. Ah, my mum gets that, sounds hellish. Hope you feel very much better soon.

  2. Poor you! I had that when Younger Son was about 6 weeks old. I had to crawl to the bathroom with my eyes closed. I knew I was geting better when the roses on the wallpaper stopped dancing around. Couldn't drive for 6 weeks though. Tis really horrid. hope your recovery is swift.