Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Where'd the weekend go?

Three days - three whole days off! And gone in a flash - plus the usual ritual abuse from my USA colleagues about the number of public holidays we have... actually I think it's less than they get in most states but I gave up arguing a long time ago. Interesting fact I heard from someone today - if you look at GDP per head of populations USA is one of the top countries, UK bottom of top 10 ish and France further down. You then look at GDP per hour worked and France streak to the top and the USA fall beneath us. Interesting!

Weekend - Saturday the girls dragged me off shopping - best day of the weekend and I'm in a climate control cathedral to consumerism! Sunday I went to see Ireland deservedly win the A1GP world cup of motorsport with two brilliant drives by Adam Carroll - it's a travesty that guy isn't in F1 in F3 he was a revelation on a limited budget in GP2 the same but sadly I think he'll be another great driver that hasn't the right connections to get into the top - I do hope he gets a career in say the USA single seater series or something. Monday we went to the beach - it was freezing! Well not really but I've getting old and grumpy about this kind of thing, after lunch my daughter and her mate went to a fair and then we went on a beach/cliff top walk which was nice.

So a great weekend if over way too quickly and back to work to a bulging inbox and back to back meetings through the afternoon/evening... this new job is if nothing else occupying my time successfully.

Final observation - how come Fiat which is a company that lots hundreds of millions of Euros itself last year is seen as a saviour for Chrysler and GM? If I was running a business and was struggling to make money and someone came in and said "Hey let me show you how" and I said "what did you do last year" "Lost" I think I'd walk away. Maybe this is why I don't understand macro-economics... just seems bloody daft to me. GM sell it's EU plants to Fiat who probably will just instant close one or two of them... er why can't GM just do that... confused?


  1. I just had a "normal" weekend, myself, but it REALLY seemed to fly by.

  2. If it ever stops raining we can get some stuff done, but on top of all that rental house stuff, we are trying to sell ours and today they are showing it and the realtor wanted someone here so I am stuck over here waiting for them( not to mention the quick scrub down the house got this morning!) Gawd, I sound like such a whiny twit, but I'm not really . We had a party Sat. so that was another 2 house cleaning day, but at least the house we live in stays pretty clean since we are out most of the time. Life is supposed to be fun,eh? I have a great time, because I will it to be that way and follow my own drummer!

  3. p.s. GM can't do that because the president( O?Bama) has given most of their stock to the union,( it's a payback for union campaign money) and they aren't about to put themselves out of a job....I personally will never buy another GM prodct.

  4. It just zooms by too quickly, doesn't it?
    I'm so sorry for you...

  5. Trust me, we Yanks are well aware of how corporations are screwing the American worker. I saw a study where not only have our wages in constant dollars decreased since 1970, but we have the least amount of leisure time in the preceding four generations. More work and less pay...no wonder we're grumpy.

    Speaking of grumpy, how about Ferrari and McLaren? Amazing they're so far in the weeds...shows you who was responsible for all those Michael Schumacher championships: Ross Brawn. No offense to Jensen Button, but since when did he start to look like a combination of Fangio and Senna? Since he started driving for Ross...thats when.