Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What we lie about

I spotted this on the Hotmail home page – I’m sometimes drawn to these things. Apparently some new TV station asked 2000 of us (Brits that is) what we are most likely to lie about. How do you rate on this then?

1. Age – when we are young we lie we are older and guess what… when older claim we are younger. I’m 46 by the way… and that isn’t a lie.
2. Alcohol consumption. LOL! I used to lie about this all the time but in mitigation of that I rarely could actually remember what I’d drunk on any particular day, it all got foggy after 8 or 9 pints I found. But saying to the doctor repeatedly that I was a “normal drinker” was a lie. Now when I truthfully tell people I don’t drink some have a bigger problem with that than when I was a drunk… go figure.
3. Sexual history – men increase it to impress, women decrease it to preserve their modesty. Honestly? Me – it’s been 3 in my lifetime. Go ahead laugh at that if you like.
4. Lying about your appearance – either lying about your weight or dying your hair or what ever. I’m 13 stone 8pounds and wish I was a stone lighter.
5. Job – lying about your job! I once in my old drinking days pretended to be a carpet salesman, I think I know why too long to explain. A guy in that pub was an ex-carpet weaver and I was exposed as a fraud. Some change their job title deliberately. Ok – I’m an Application Service Delivery Manager. There you’re none the bloody wiser now are you :-)
6. Embellish your CV. Maybe this is why finding a job is so difficult – everyone else is lying! It’s been years since I had a proper CV, I was trying to write one when I landed this job thank God. Maybe I should claim higher grades in my guitar exams?
7. Lie about how often you have sex. So that is why I often feel like everyone in the world is at it constantly? They aren’t they are lying to impress me. Me? Currently very infrequently, borders on complete celibacy actually.
8. Connections – lying about who you know. I know hardly anyone of importance frankly, I’ve bumped into a few celebs at AA meetings but respect the anonymity of that, also they are just like me trying to not drink today.
9. Exaggerate your wages. Normally something I’d avoid mentioning, I’m ridiculously overpaid frankly… let me say this – How do MPs make ends meet on a salary as low as that? :-)
10. Concealing an illness. Guilty! Well I did finally own up… and my arm still hurts etc… I don’t think guys do this do we? Surely a good ache is a great way to moan with your mates.

So what do we think? True or is the survey a lie?


  1. Hmmm, sounds like Americans lie about the same stuff.

    ps. they also lie about "wanker" size.

  2. BTW-LOVE the new header pic.Is that a new one?

  3. I think that lie is under number 4 and I'll not comment ;-)

  4. Hmm think I might've done a few of them but don't think I do anymore - need to think about this one lol!

  5. Is dying your hair lying? Guilty then.

    Don't lie about alcohol consumption, my age or appearance - how can you lie when people can see you? Or do they mean on the internet?

    Job or money? No.

    Don't talk about sexual whathaveyous. So usually pretty honest I guess.

    How boring. I had better start making things up. But I'd forget what I'd told people ...

  6. Hmmm, would love to comment, but my job as a brain surgeon keeps me busy n i don't have time... oh and i've got them Girls Aloud banging on me door AGAIN... gotta dash... ;-)


  7. I dunno sounds pretty honest to me on your part I spose :)

    I like your thoughts.

  8. I would never lie about my age..
    why in the fuck would i want to be the chick who says she's 30 but damn she looks 49 ? If i did lie about my age I'd say i was 60..so everyone would think i was all cute for an old bag :)

  9. And, as we can see, all lies stem from insecurity.

    Oh, and I dont know about how often you all go at it, but Im actually having sex as I type this. But then again, thats normal, right?