Monday, 11 May 2009

Another random catch up

So the swimathon results came out… I’m something like 1003 out of 2663 who took part… I think. My daughter was very pleased being in the top 100 who took part in her discipline.

Where did the weekend go? They seem to get quicker, is this some odd time warp thing? We re-joined the library, failed to find a book that suited the project but have some coming on reserve. I should use the library more, all I do is buy books, read them once then either pass them on, exchange them at the second hand book shop or give them to charity shops. Did some gardening, I attacked… sorry… pruned the bush at the bottom of the garden again but Mrs F was approving in the end. Restrung and cleaned up three guitars, most notably my acoustic (Yamaha LL11) which after a polish, oil of the neck and new strings seemed to be beaming with pleasure and sounded and played better than ever. Surely that is just stupid thinking but honestly it was almost like the guitar was saying “Hey thanks I needed that now hear what I can really do”.

F1 – go Jenson go! I watched qualifying on Saturday, to be honest sometimes more exciting than the races and this was no exception. JB was ok about sixth or so throughout, then Rubens takes pole just after the flag has waved to stop the session, then Vettel betters him then Jenson comes from nowhere, last man through and pole position. Better still when you saw the replay, he started that last do or die lap with less than 2 seconds to spare. In the race his switch to two stop (why they had considered 3 is beyond me, I presume the hard tyre issue) was inspired and he drove very well esp the last session on those bad hard tyres where he was just lightyears ahead of the rest of the field. With how it’s going now you have to say he does begin to look like a potential champion in waiting. Rugby – loads on with Challenge cup in League and the Union playoff semi finals. I would have loved Harlequins to get to Twickenham but Leicester and London Irish no doubt deserve it.


  1. I often think I should use the library more, but then I get disappointed when they don't have what I want and I have to wait!!! On the other hand, if I read and enjoy a book I've bought I like to keep it on the book shelf like and old friend :)

    Sounds like you had a great yet busy weekend. Well done on the swimming!

  2. Trying to catch up.

    I used to live in the library when a child (seriously i used to rpetend it was my home ...) and I took the children but now rarely go there. Like you i buy, which is good for authors! But I always love it when i do get into the library: all those books and for FREE!