Thursday, 14 May 2009

Geisha girls and Red Cross Parcels

bet the title got your attention...

So Daughter-of-Furtheron is nothing if not occasionally unorthodox :-) Fashion of History project, all the other girls are picking Mary Quant, Vivian Westwood, the funny looking French guy and the woman with the huge lips no doubt. Oh not my offspring. Geishas! In addition to the raised eyebrows at the library where they have ordered some books for her I went to Amazon and searched. A book about Geishas Illustrated or some such comes up - out of stock but available second hand, therefore basically a few quid. Well support the kids and all that - I order it. It arrives and I very quickly thumb though it, the language looks like it was written as a university paper with loads of eloquent words etc. and then about half the book pictures, mostly looked like Japanese art work and some old photos. Ace I thought - I've done well there.

Later Mrs F says... "Did you look at that book?" "I glanced dearest why?" She opens to a particular Japanese drawing... well it was extremely graphic to say the least (and a bit educational for me), a sort of Geisha Japanese Karma Sutra I suppose. Now I'm in the dog house for buying pornography for my daughter! My son has found all this highly hilarious.

Talking of him he gave his name but our home phone number to The Red Cross and they keep phoning up to get him to be a supporter, also they sent a tea bag and a small chocolate etc. to him with a Red Cross greeting card. Opportunity too good to miss so I write in the card "In case you need this Love Dad x" and send this off to him, we have a joke about The Red Cross parcels of biscuits and tea I deliver from Mum to him when I visit or take him back. Best bit... when I said "Did you get the parcel?" on Facebook the other night. "Yes... the chocolate was rubbish" ROFL!!! It was a joke but as the student he is even one small bit of chocolate was too much to miss. Re my last post - see now that is why I got sober things like these, isn't it brilliant to have a laugh and be part of a family like that.


  1. Lovely story:) we are lucky to have children aren't we?

  2. that book sounds disgusting mate, you are a disgrace for bringing that filth into the house. What is the world coming to??

    PS - any scans?? ;-)


  3. hahahaaa, always between that rock & a hard place. You know the path to hell is paved with good intentions? ;)