Friday, 8 May 2009

Random post about stuff

haven't much to say at the moment... very busy with new job so from nowhere to "Understand this years budget across this area, recast it into new coding structure and then propose new budget with 25% cut in it for next year and produce a lucid strategy to present to senior boss a week on Wednesday". Ok - what shall I do after lunch? Oh yes and pick up a major project as technical guy on that as the old one just walked out.... Well I was getting bored not being busy :-)

I took my lovely old Nunostrat to the menders today, he is going to set it up better and try to figure out the wiring issue that means it just sounds wrong. We'll see next week how that has gone.

Banks! Don't go there, so after closing my accounts now the local ATM that I can get to in the morning has stopped giving you envelopes to pay cheques in. Flipping thing, it's just that you expect stuff like that to just work these days don't you and when it doesn't it's a real hassle.

Weekend coming... off to the library first time in years, daughter-of-Furtheron wants to do research on Geisha girls. Don't ask I normally try not to, history of fashion project I think. Still going to a library will be good.

F1 - so let's see if the others have caught Brawn up shall we? I'd love to see Jenson battle for and hopefully win the championship. Watch the in car footage, compare his smooth style against the others they are correcting all over the place in the corner, JB turns in once and unwinds smoothly out, very Jackie Stewart.

I hope to read more of Slash's autobiography - Jesus he lived a life! I'm about to him being 19, he has had more women than I've said hello to, in the a band about to become huge and already a daily Heroin addict that can't control it... Makes my life look like I'm a saint frankly.

I owe you all a CD review of Heaven and Hell's new one. In a word BRILLIANT!. I'll elaborate over the weekend hopefully.


  1. Sod the banks - as long as Nunostrat is in fine fettle, eh?

    Heaven and Hell? As in ex-Sabs?

  2. Been away on me hols, so just catchin up on some of my favourite blogs... man you been busy!!

    Libraries are great!! I fell out of love with them for a few years but boy is it good to be back. I mean, how many books do you end up RE-READING anyway?? lob 'em back and pick up something new Great! As you may know, I'm a big comic book fan, and most libraries have a fab 'graphic novels' section these days. Ideal for trying out those possible winners. Lets not forget CD's at 70p for 3 weeks, including wonderful unabridged talking books... What a great place it is!


  3. U got a new job? Congrats!!

    I did a history of fashion project in school as well.... I'm impressed at her extentsiveness in adding Geisha girls. I'm smiling over here hahah