Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Odd world

Somethings that have struck me as odd in the last day or so...

1. Why is this MP expenses thing still going on? MPs feather their own nests through exploitation of the fees system and with additional interests outside the Palace of Westminster... errrr No shit Sherlock! Hasn't this always been like this? Just these days we get the info and report it. Some say we should vote in a completely new set... and how would they be any different, there's a quote about wanting to be a politician should be the bar to you being one or something like that isn't there. It's a bit like the "cash for honours" scandal, I was again like... and so tell me something new. Stop beating them up over the cost of getting their country pad cleaned and get them to do something valuable like fix poverty in Africa, ensure health treatments get to the right patients, fund research into fusion energy and renewable energy... etc. etc.

2. Weather. Driving to work today I'm driving through a downpour, road covered, windscreen wipers going full and thinking to myself "Arse! the rain mac is in the boot". Get to work less than 10 miles away and dry as a bone and bright sunshine... odd!

4. How many atoms in an ant? Surburbia's young son has posed this question and I can't find a quick answer on the internet... it has me perplexed, what a great question.

5. So the 13 year old father who was splashed all over the tabloids earlier in the year is not actually the dad of the baby. A DNA test has now shown that the Dad is another school boy who was 14 at the time of conception. Holly Cow! How messed up is all that - again stop winging about politicians expenses if you want to punish them send them to Afghanistan on the front line, or out on the streets at closing time or make a team of them the social workers for the menage a tois involved in this particular mess. Might get them focused on real actions to improve the country.


  1. Love your thoughts! Thanks for the ant info, he was delighted! As soon as he saw how many zeros there were he posed another.........I've left it back on my comments for next time you visit!
    Thanks again Sx

  2. Too right.
    I can't think of any altruistic politicians.