Friday, 6 February 2009

That was a week that was...

This week is drawing to a close. God it seems likes months ago it was last weekend really so much has been happening.

Firstly the snow happened Sunday night. Mrs F and D-o-F took ages to get home from swimming club and I had to skid the car onto the drive. So Monday morning get up and I decided to not even attempt to get to work. We had about 6inches by then. Schools were shut so we were all at home. Monday night I dug out the drive after another relentless afternoon of snow.

Tuesday - we're on a slope and simply but I can see the road that is a bus route and gritted but there was no way I was attempting to back out off the drive and try to slide to the bottom of the hill avoiding all the other cars, lampposts etc. So another day at home, kids cheering and wife cheering as schools were confirmed shut a second day. (I might post more on that topic if I can be arsed at some other point). 10am my boss phoned me with a call I'd expected for a couple of weeks, I was told my "role was eliminated" and I was "at risk of compulsory redundancy". I knew it was coming but - ouch - it hurts when it is confirmed. So I went and dug out the snow on the road and paths so we could get out of our road and went shopping for the rest of that day.

Since then the week has been one of very mixed emotions. Now remember I don't do emotions - I don't like them, they perterb me, good and back emotions... I repeat I don't do emotions...! So it's been difficult for me. But here is where I am.

There are some jobs at my current employer that I can apply for. However I in a turmoil over that, they are all roles I've sort of done in the past and not really any kind of challenge in many ways. Also this is just this wave, the next is already in the offing as my company has announced a massive aquisitions with tens of thousands of potential job loses as a result of that likely within the year. The current severance package is enhanced and may well go down significantly in the summer. So fight for a job that I may not like only to be made redundant this time next year on less money. I know that is a negative view but you have to ponder it don't you? The other option is sit on my hands, take the package which is good, take all the help, including a 6 month executive outplacement scheme (sounds grand doesn't it?) and stop living in the past and live in a new place with new motivations.

So I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend - sometime to think a bit and maybe get my head straighter than it currently is.

Many thanks to all for the personal contacts over the week. Much appreciated.


  1. I hope the best for you, man. I can't imagine being in that position, and I hope I never have to.

  2. I've been lucky that I've only been 'surplus to requirements' once, and that was due to non-payment of invoices by the end client. The company I was working for told me to go away for a month then come back and everything would be fine. 3 months later they were going to resume work 'imminently'. After another 3 months I figured that maybe it wasn't going to happen!

    If it were me I'd go on a trip to blow away the cobwebs then figure out what to do.

  3. Hold steady and remember that you can't change anything that has already happened, and you don't know what's to come, so just live for the moment, and do what you can about things you have control over... Things out of your control, just don't sweat it.

    Best of luck, and hold your head up high. Everything has its reasons!!!

    You Rock!

    Don't forget it.

  4. Sod negative. Take the best deal you can get and if this is it you take it. End of.

    If you stay you're doing them a favour and probably ending up out of pocket as a result from what you say.

    Take every penny you can when you can. The only sane way.

  5. yeah, keep positive and i'm sure stuff will happen for you. Must be fuckin scary at the mo tho mate. Take good care.


  6. Yep, preacherman is right, take the best deal, money in hand is worth more important than letting them make a tool out of you! Take advantage of anything they offer. I have never looked at backsliding as an option( knocked down in pay and grade..f those guys!)Anyway I wish you the very best, keep warm and dry!

  7. It sounds to me like you already have made up your mind to take the package. That sounds wise. You're still a young man at the top of your game and if the package lets you survive comfortably for a few months while you're looking then go for it. Better than be in a job that is boring and facing the same again next year.

  8. @Liz - "young" ? :S You can comment here anytime you want... :-)