Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Focus forward but still time for reminiscing...

I had my day in London yesterday I met up with my friend who works in a recruitment company, although we probably spent too much time talking about family, personal and mutual friends than focusing on the matter in hand... i.e. are there any bloody jobs about :-) Anyway she has mentioned me to one client who has talked about a job coming up that sounds plausible suitable for my experience and I've had another go at a CV rewrite for that.

I met the outplacement guy who was very nice and outlined the options available to me, I need to book up on some of the courses etc. which might be useful for me. A friend pointed out a job local to me which again looked somewhat suitable, in fact a logical promotion opportunity from my current role so my hastily revamped CV is now in the internet ether for that as well as the closing date was end of this week and I'm off to Wales now to see Son-of-Furtheron for the next few days.

Anyway the outplacement company's offices are right in the middle of the City and it has been years since I was around there. I was amazed at the number of building sites and all my old drinking haunts are closed / pulled down. Probably a good thing but it was a reminder of the dark days of my youth when I last worked there.

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  1. Memories are good. Sometimes they make us tempted to go back, but all-in-all they are reminders of lessons we've learned.

    Life is just a journey and we have so many lessons...

    Nothing wrong in my book with Reminiscing, or maybe that's because I do too darned much of it myself.