Friday, 13 February 2009

So long and thanks for all the fish

I was told today I've not got the one job I had applied for within the contracting department. I knew that was most likely to be the case, I'd been rejected on 3 other occasions in the past as well.

Monday I'm off to meet the company who run our "outplacement" service to discuss my CV, experience etc. Wednesday we're off to Wales to see our son for a day or so and so he can come back with us for me and him to go to see the Priestfiest at Wembley with Judas Priest and Megadeth. Some good stuff that will hopefully relieve some of the pressures of the moment.

Whilst I'd made the decision to move on once it is actually in your face suddenly your guts turn over.


  1. I'd been made redundant once before when I was 18 and I'd been working at the place for 9 months - it never made me feel sad but the guys who'd worked for the company for 30+ years were gutted, despite previously saying things like "good riddance to this poxy firm" etc. Once they got their severance pay cheque and told to vacate the premises, they blubbed like girls and I felt for them.

    Tried to get tickets for Preist Feist but I've left it too late, damn. Hope you all enjoy yourself though, it certainly is something to look forward to.

  2. Been made redundant 3 times.

    Bournes Electronics. They relocated. I was an Inventory Controller. I blew my redundancy in a three week spell of getting drunk and stoned in London. Great fun!

    Crown Cork (made aerosol cans). I was the Litho Production Controller.

    I blew my redundancy on getting drunk and stoned in London....a pattern is emerging here....

    The Prudential. I was a Financial Advisor (which is a worry in itself...)

    Caz locked my redundancy away before I could get drunk and stoned.


    That could have been so much fun!!

    Hang in there kid.

    I have a feeling you'll pop out the other side ok.

    Trust me I'm from Oldham.

    (((hugs))) (in a manly way of course)

    ps - I'm entitled to say 'kid' as you're younger than me ;-)

  3. hope something turns up for your soon. Sounds like the gig is nicely timed to give you a lift and take your mind of things for a while.


  4. aww..
    you are a capable man..
    you will be fine ..its just going to be different ..

    and scary ..
    we've gotten so comfortable in our middle age no?

  5. The right thing will just happen and when it is supposed to. Hang in there.

    Judas Priest and Megadeth?? Not fair!!!

  6. I'm sure a bit of megadeth will cheer you up no end ...

    It's sunny in Wales at the moment. Hope it stays that way for your trip - a long one that must be.