Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Small word. Lots and lots of consequences.

Oh well - time for me to recreate myself as someone that others might want to employ and move on into a new chapter of life.


  1. Ouch. Another small word!

    Fingers crossed for new opportunities!

  2. OH..no!

    really , have you been ?
    I think everyone is going to feel it before this is over with ..
    damn..worse comes to worse mister you and the fam can move in with me :)

  3. Shit.. Am gutted for you mate. Hope you pick something up soon, keep us posted.

    Good luck.


  4. Oh no! Thinking about you and praying for you.

  5. Ewww. That didn't sound good AT ALL.

  6. Shit. Soz old bean. I was thinking of you the other day.

    We lost a dozen from Manchester Airport and it's not over yet.

    Got a decent payoff at least?

    Good luck mate.

    Word thingy is 'glich'....that's putting it mildly eh?

    You know where I am.

  7. Christ! That's bad news, I feel for ya, mate. But I hope something comes along very soon.
    Bloody wanker bankers got lots to answer to.

  8. Oh, sory to hear that mr.fo. I hope you get get reinvented very, very soon!

  9. Thanks all for the comments. Just to clarify my situation has much less to do with the financial turmoil the banking crisis has created and much more to do with the industry I'm in (Pharmaceutical R&D) and my particular company's previous performance and long term prospects.

  10. Oh dear, thinking about you Furtheron...you wait, something will be waiting around the corner for you!