Friday, 27 February 2009

Friday update

A job has come up in my current company based where I am but working for an American group - if that makes sense. It's not in my current department basically. Anyway it is a job that if it was with another company and I saw it I would definitely look at applying for it. So I've put in an application thinking that if I'd do that job for a company I know nothing about I might as well try to get the chance to do it for a company I know well.

After the last postings ramble the bottomline is that I simply don't like this limbo state. I'd rather things moved on so that I know when I'm going etc. so that it will focus my mind and I can get away from the distractions of the current/past and onto the promise of the future.

Hoping for a quiet weekend this weekend. Hopefully Mrs F will give the IT course she is on a rest as she is begining to do my head in with it and I don't think my coaching with all my bad habits is good. e.g. "How do you put a page break in?" "CTRL Enter." "Sorry?" "Only know the shortkey dear not a clue where it'll be in the menus etc."


  1. Join the 'effing club mate. Get that CV written and get it out there. Since I have taken the bold decision to have a look outsid emy comfort zone I have been amazed at how muc is still out there. Make the change and be positive about it. We gotta stay positive.

  2. Good luck with this potentially new job and ensure yourself of a really chilled weekend. Perhaps a trip to see the Gills play tomorrow, home or away?

  3. Hope you do get to have that quiet weekend..