Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning.

Hardly Oklahoma I know.

Whilst the temperature is distinctly demanding a woolly hat it was beautifully sunny and clear today on the drive to work - so clear in fact I could see to France on the drive down the hill.

Also believe it or not - Gillingham are still in the FA Cup. Yes I know! And cap that it was an away win, a massive rarity in itself, but also an away win in a replay. Against Stockport who are in League One. What is going on? We've now got Villa at home in January. Holy Cow!

STOP PRESS - the Villa game is going to be on ITV. The Gills full 90 mins on top telly against premiership opposition. I think I've just enter an alternative reality.


  1. Good news about Gillingham, here's hoping for a giant killing with regards to Villa, eh?

  2. Just catching up on your blog.

    Got quite excited when I read about Les Paul reclining on your header and wondered how I'd missed that ...

    Why Buddhism? The beliefs of Christianity not to your liking? I'm just curious. Is it God or church or the people?

    I'm sure I had more comments but my cheese and chilli bread is just cooked. Mmm, smell that fresh bread smell ...

    Word verifier is Obi Lym, second cousin to Obi Wan

  3. as a Southend supporter I share your enthusiastic cheer towards still being in the cup (all be it short lived)!

    Our mauling at Chelsea is not on the box, and now i've thought about it, i'm pleased... as everyone would have been taking the piss had it been on for all to see.

    Up the Shrimpers!