Monday, 1 December 2008

Healthy life

Health is a relative term isn’t it? Are you healthy? Am I healthy?

Well I feel pretty good at the moment. Firstly the problem in my upper back / neck that was giving me pain in my arms is a lot better than a few weeks back. However as regular readers will know I hurt my lower back two weeks back. It made a remarkable recovery I think given how I felt the 48 hours directly afterwards. It is still twinging a bit but not bad at all. I went back to swimming for the first time since then this morning and it was pulling a bit but was okay really. I need to do the funny exercises a physiotherapist gave me some years back. I’ll not go into detail but I look like a deranged cat in most of them – there that’s got some peoples imaginations working overtime no doubt. I had a cardiac risk assessment done recently, when I drank for years I had hypertension (high blood pressure) and was on treatment for it. As soon as I stopped drinking it came down. Now I’m “a little over weight” and my cholesterol is “just over normal”. So generally okay and apparently my risk of a fatal heart attack is 6%. I was musing as I left the surgery that if I had a heart attack there and then could my wife sue the doctor… of course the risk wasn’t 0% was it so no I concluded. What a daft mental discussion.

Mentally I’m in a much better place than I was through most of the summer. The big depressive thoughts are more under control and I’m doing a lot better. It’s simple really, look at the positive not the negative. I know it’s bleeding obvious but I struggle with the bleeding obvious at times.

The family found it highly amusing but I’ve bought a book and DVD about Buddhist Meditation. If I was forced to have to be in a religion I think I’d currently choose Buddhism. I like a lot of it’s underlying philosophy. Now all I have to do is get over the embarrassment of doing the meditation (what’s to be embarrassed about? I don’t know but I am) and try it out. They speak of the “monkey mind” all those thoughts that keep bombarding your conscious mind all the time. Oh how I relate to that.

So to keep my body healthy I need to exercise, generally and the ones for my back issues and I think the meditation thing will help with the mind health as well if I can just get myself to get on with it.


  1. I think those are pants and shoes all-in-1,and would save me from deciding do these shoes go with these pants and the old are these colours compatible?

  2. Further, we are 'constant works in progress'. We don't have to be perfect or fit everyone else's ideal. The important thing is living your life, doing the things that make you happy, and sharing great moments with those that make you happy as well... It's just important to learn from our mistakes, and do the best we can. We're here to learn.

    There's no right answer, but it's a journey of discovery.

    It's easy to get depressed and worry over the things that we cannot control, but simply stated, that is just wasted energy.

    Everything and everyone are exactly where and what they should be at any given moment. It's all a part of the greater good of all that is... you know, 'The Big Picture'.

    :) Just keep smiling and we'll all study together, right? hehe

    Oddly enough, my "captcha" is 'ammen' (maybe that's kind of like ammen, perhaps a "Right On Sista!"

    Who knows...


  3. good to see you feeling brighter my friend. All part of life I guess, but no fun when you are trying to live through one of the 'downs'. Here's to plenty more 'ups' for you in the future.


  4. Buddhism is brilliant Furtheron and it makes you think about life in a very different way..not saying that I'm positive all of the time but I try my best to be, it tends to be exterior and emotional factors that make me feel negative. Health though? I swim and cycle regularly but I ain't a slimmy and peeps may think I could lose a few lbs or two but sod that, I feel healthy as I am and long live swimming and cycling I will! Sod the body fascists!

    Keep reading your Buddhist books and maybe you could try 'Ancient Wisdom Modern World' by the Dalai Lama..also, the film Kundun is a good one about the history of the Chinese invasion of Tibet - beautiful landscapes and interesting history..
    P.S if you get more serious about Buddhism, check out your local Buddhist centre for the meditation classes, very good they are!!!