Monday, 22 December 2008

Good grief I'm famous...

Well not really but I have been asked to pen a post as a guest blogger on Jemsite a community site with focus on Ibanez Jem guitars plus other stuff.

My post is about my guitar collecting obsession and is called in search of the perfect guitar. Funny since penning this last week for them I've since bought this months Guitar Buyer magazine which has a PRS flavour. A PRS catalogue, DVD with endorsees talking ad nauseam about PRS's (I get the point that they "stay in tune dude") and many shops highlighting their PRS stocks throughout the magazine.

So now I'm thinking 513... I played one a while back and really loved it but that was a rosewood neck one that was really silly money - as if the new mahogany necked one at £2199 is a bargain heh? Or maybe a CE Alder - different, interesting woods and bolt on neck. I'm thinking sort of souped up strat sound. Stop it!!!

1 comment:

  1. Every now and then I have the urge to sell all my guitars and buy one fantastic guitar. Either a Les Paul Custom or a PRS Modern Eagle. I'll probably be dithering 'till I die on this one.
    That was a good post for Jemsite - I know exactly how you feel.