Monday, 22 December 2008

Mark my words - there'll be queues...

On Saturday Mrs F and Son-of-Furtheron headed off to the Bodyworlds exhibition at the O2. Daugther and I had passed on this, largely as I don't think daughter would have liked it. Mrs F said it was fascinating and glad they went - my son said the whole thing about embryos to children's challenged his thinking on abortion.

I'd stupidly in a moment of not thinking/listening properly had apparently agreed to take Daughter to Bluewater as she had a voucher still from her birthday burning a hole in her pocket. She is to shopping what I am to guitar ogling; an obsessive.

We headed there early with her moaning and me saying in typical grumpy Dad style - "there'll be queues already". There weren't :-( I've never had such an easy exit of the A2 and into the place, this of course accompanied by a daughter in complete "told you so" mode next to me.

Anyway we hit the shops then had a Chinese lunch before heading for the exit as the after lunch hordes descended. Having said that for the last Saturday before Christmas it was flipping quiet really.

Oh yes we had a great time label shopping in one of the department stores. Most expensive jeans we saw were £375 - they were so low slung and skinny frankly that was an utter rip off as there was hardly any material in them? You'd need to be a size 4 to fit them I think. I found some nice brown shoes for £225. We left. If shops are still selling stuff like that then this recession isn't making much impression is it - or maybe like often in the world it's those that can least afford to be hit by this kind of thing that are hurt and those that have too much already glide serenely through it all.


  1. This is actually Kenskis comment - but I hit the wrong button on the moderation page... not for the first time, but luckily this time hit back and retrieved the text at least..... Sorry Ken...

    Even 'town' wasn't as crazy as I expected on Saturday! What really surprised me was that all the stores seem to have moved their New Year sales up a couple of weeks, presumably to entice shoppers in through the door. Great news for me... a coat I'd been meaning to get but never got round to it just happened to be on sale! Yay!

  2. Yeah we still live in times of great wealth divide..
    Have a great Xmas too Furtheron :-)

  3. I went into Woolies yesterday. Very sad to see the place getting empty - and no good bargains!