Wednesday, 31 December 2008


So that was 2008 was it. Well nearly about 12 hours still left.

Rubbish year on many fronts, the global financial crisis, continuing conflict in too many areas, again exemplified by the Gaza fighting in recent days. I watched a Michael Palin programme with him trying to trace some crew he sailed with 20 years ago, he went to Mumbai and visited several of the places subsequently attacked in the recent attack. Why so much violence?

Anyway - at least for me another sober one under the belt, as long as I don't drink at all today, unlikely as I'm at an AA meeting this evening.

Music - lack lustre year in some ways. But CD of the year is either Elbow's Seldom Seen Kid or Kings of Leon Only By the Night - one day one next day the next... :-)

Best live album defo Jeff Beck live at Ronnie Scotts.

Best rock album Metallica Death Magnetic.

So here's to a better and hopefully more peaceful 2009.


  1. Good work, Furtheron. Especially with the AA meeting on a rather "testing" day !

    I'm with you on the "Death Magnetic", Rock On !

    Happy 2009 !

  2. Happy New year, to you, Mrs F, and son- and daughter-of-F

  3. all the best to you and your family furtheron. Lets hope 2009 is THE year huh?!