Thursday, 23 October 2008

Then suddenly it was different... after weeks of effort…

(Bit like the quote from the Roger Miller the singer who said something like “It took me 20 years to become an overnight success”).

For anyone who’s followed stuff here or elsewhere before there was a here will know I went through a low patch. I’m slowly coming up the other side. I was sharing about that and some other stuff at an AA meeting last night and as ever in that process I began to realise that things are better than they were a while back, I’m moved on and am getting on with stuff better.

As ever though my negative default brain process clicks in and almost demands something more tangible to prove to me this improvement. I try to quell that with “This will pass..” “Time takes time”, “Acceptance is the key” etc. thoughts and application of the programme.

Then in my inbox this morning is an invite from a Prof at a learned university to step in at the last min as a speaker at an international conference next week. Someone can’t now make it and they know of some work I did some while back which they believe will fit the agenda. Best of all my boss is giving a talk at another conference next month based on that work and I can lift that presentation and use it as appropriate.

How cool is that? Also it might just quieten my “Where’s the evidence then?” sullen persona that lurks around in my head sneering at my attempts to gain a serene recovery.

Much to be grateful for today, much to continue to be thankful for.


  1. sometimes life can be pretty awesome! as a person with life long depression, i know that right now i feel really good for some reason. good luck on your speech.

  2. I always think goodness attracts goodness if you get me? Great stuff and good news for sure. Hope it all goes well

  3. Excellent! Now believe it and acccept that you're capable and worthwhile. And that others think so - so it definitely is true.

  4. Well said! I agree. It's so easy to obsess over the things we do not have or things that bother us, but it is so much more beneficial to us to love every minute we have, be thankful for all the things that we actually do have. When you think of it, you have much more than you realize.

    Wishing you peace and love today!