Thursday, 9 October 2008

My birthday…

It was my birthday last week – my belly button birthday as we call them in AA. One advantage of being a recovering drunk is that I get two birthdays!!! My AA birthday – i.e. the day I started to get sober (14th May 2004) and my actual birthday which was last Friday.

I had the day off work as Mrs F doesn’t work at school on a Friday and we had the day together. We went shopping at Bluewater – we are so bloody predictable!!

So now I’m in my late 40s – I have to be according the family as I argued when I was 44 that I was still in my early 40s they then point out the mathematical inconsistency if 46 is not my late 40s… honestly mid 40s suck they seemed to only last a year. :-)

At the shopping centre we bumped into an old school chum of mine and his wife. He hasn’t changed in all the years that have separated us meeting as 11 year olds at the bus stop to head to secondary school in Sept 1974. His son has the guitar bug as well and our music likes still so overlap – he was at Maiden at Twickenham – kicks himself for missing the Led Zep/Foo Fighters mash up at Wembley… oh that brings back memories he was in the crowd of us who went to see Zep at Knebworth in 79. He got the tickets for us. He’ll be at the Queen + Paul Rodgers gig Mrs F and I are off to in Nov as well.

Talking of which my son got me the DVD of that very Foos gig which of course we were at – brilliant. Also I got Pink Floyd live at Pompeii – another of those seminal moments in my life. My Mum took me to see Napoleon at the local cinema in some attempt to educate me when I was about 10 I think. However Live at Pompeii was the B movie (remember those days?) and I remember that more than the main feature so I’ve wanted it for a long time, more poignant now given Richard Wrights recent passing. That’s weird; the random music player I’m listening to as I type this just picked Echoes … how in-the-ether-random-but-all-connected is that?

Other things I got… Daughter-of-Furtheron bought me a jumper, I got a shirt, the latest Bernard Cornwell book Azincourt which already has me enthralled, Queen + Paul Rodgers CD, Elbow CD (One Day Like This is a stunning track alone – just go download it now and make your life better), Gary Moore CD – it’s just Gary… :-) loud blues…, some guitar strings… But the bestest best thing that was best of all was a brilliant chocolate cake that my daughter slaved in the kitchen on the Thursday evening baking for me. It was stunning and lasted less than 48 hours and that was without our son being about and also including that we went to our favourite “eat all you can” Chinese buffet on Saturday as well.


  1. Happy belated birthday ya kid!

  2. Happy birthday for last week. Sounds like you had some great presents - if you like loud obscure music ;) - and a wonderful cake.

  3. You ran off and I had no idea how to find ya. Ok, so you switched blogs. :) I'm here now.

    Hey at least your Belly Button birthday and the other weren't the same day.