Thursday, 9 October 2008

Missing the boy

Son-of-Furtheron has started at university – he is now in his third week.

To be honest it’s been a bit traumatic for us. He really struggled with homesickness at the back end of the first week much more than any of us really expected I think. I wasn’t sure what was best to call him each day or give him distance. The calling each day seems best at the moment. He then got “Fresher’s Flu” no doubt due to the stress, a whole load of new folks in one place, diff living conditions etc. However he is on the mend now and really settling in well it looks like, however the weather has been terrible apparently but then he chose Wales! He scored on the accommodation he is in a revamped block and not close to the noisy pub area but away in the trees.

But I’m missing him – it’s now me and the two women in my life. There just isn’t someone who gets my humour or encourages me to turn the music up. On Saturday I sat on a bench like some lost bloody tramp for an age whilst the girls tried on multiple make up samples in a cheap make up store. I went off bought a rugby shirt came back and they were still at it! Still new times, new focus I suppose – I should remember to take a book shopping next time.


  1. Buy a dog. It's what my brother in law did when his son went to uni. He's got two dogs now.

  2. is my daughter paying you for comments like that?

  3. You know that she is right!

  4. Well, think of it this way, at least he left home to go to uni... my brother didn't and he still lives with my parents. He's your age...

    It's the ol' 'be careful what you wish for' adage :-)

  5. Ah, always weird when a child leaves the home. When my son heads off to Denmark for the summer, I'm at first very relieved due to the arguing we have but then the house feels empty and sort of strange and then I start to miss him..I guess for you though, this is like a whole new chapter in his and your life..Shopping? Hate it myself and try to avoid it as best as possible! Sympathies are def with you on this one :-)

  6. He'll have a wonderful time once he settles in and gets a mac. (Raincoat not computer.) And he'll soon be home for holidays. And then home looking for a job and being unemployed and you won't be able to get rid of him ...

    Oh and get a dog.